K . I . M

This blogs post mostly about my daily routine. I keep this blog as my new diary (because the old one was gone, i’m sad rn)

Hope you enjoy reading my post or laugh over it or smile when read it or troll over it and OH! i love to write a fanfic about everything so maybe, i’ll write some here haha.


Post-an di blog ini sebagian besar tentang keseharian saya. Mungkin akan mirip kayak diary? *karena yang lama, dari jaman sd, udah ilang/kebuang/diloakkin emak huee*

Semoga kalian bahagia baca post di blog ini, tersenyum mungkin. Dan karena saya suka menulis cerita (fiksi, fan-fiksi) mungkin saya akan buat beberapa. Well, just pray you’ll love it soon.



Let’s be friend on facebook! It’s soooo new and i have no friends T^T

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